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The Influence Of H P Lovecraft On Occultism
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In this article for the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Stories, "The Influence of H P Lovecraft On Occultism", author K. R. Boulton does a remarkable job of explaining the relevance of the Cthulhu mythos to the left hand path of modern occultism. Boulton spends considerable space establishing the background to western magical tradition and technique. Outlining the relevance of a suitable symbol set sufficiently capable of exciting the

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Visual Manifestation Technique
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In this Rosicrucian AMORC production, former Grand Master, Soror Kristie Knutson presents the technique for manifestation through visualization. The video commences with Soror Kristie recounting an example of a fellow Soror's visualization experience, before outlining the theory behind how we manifest using the visual faculty. Following this, Soror Kristie, outlines the steps used to create a successful visualization and the circumstances of

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