2016 International Left Hand Path Consortium

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International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016 Thomas Karlsson

The International Left Hand Path Consortium will be held 8th – 10th April in Atlanta this year, for all those who wish to get their left hand path on! There’s an outstanding line up of presenters, artists and live music across the three days with tickets on sale now.

This years highlight presenters are Edgar Kerval and Thomas Karlsson, along with a smorgasbord of notable left hand path presenters.

There will be two ritual presentations, Caleb Storms will be performing “The Mass of the Black Sun” on the Friday evening and Thomas Karlsson will be performing “AMA O AMA: The Rite of Lilith, Leviathan and Lucifer”, on the Saturday night.

The Friday evening will conclude with a general mixer event with cash bar and music. Saturday evening will conclude with a masked ball.

The event will close with a panel discussion on the topic “The Influence and Future of the Left Hand Path”, which includes Edgar Kerval and Thomas Karlsson, among others.

Presenters and their topics include:

The Left Hand Path and the Dark Side of Religion: How sinister spirituality will unfurl the world. We are in front of a spiritual paradigm shift and the Left Hand Path is the answer to the problems of the world, and the answer to unsolved problems in ourselves.. Ending with a 30 minute question and answer session.

Shamanism the Red Gods: Experiences working with sexual libations and blood. Rituals from my culture from a dark perspective, it’s sacrifices and uses of sacred plants to connect the gods from underworlds.

Witchcraft Literature

Native American Dark Legends

Dark Arts of the Native Americans

Luciferianism, Conscious Evolution and Illumination

Dark Wicca

Acusal Sorcery

Enochian Magick and the Left Hand Path

Modern Satanism

Taoism and the Left Hand Path

The Babalon Belial Connection

Art and the Occult

Starry Wisdom and the Left Hand Path

Syzygy: Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays

Magical Mechanics: Spooky Action at a distance

Hail Thyself! Unlocking the Secrets of control, Wealth and Power

Space / Time magic 2.0

Pop Culture Magic Systems

From Here to There: A journey of Satanism in 1971 Vietnam to the Sect of the Horned God today

The Nature of Power

Twisted Rib Book and Sex Magick

The event will be accompanied by a host of art exhibitions and performance art. This years event will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Airport Hotel, Atlanta. Discount rooms are available for those wishing to attend.

For those left hand pathers, able to get to Atlanta in April, this certainly looks like an event not be missed!

Check it out here: http://lefthandpathcon.com/

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