Balkan’s Arcane Bindings – 2015 Esoteric Book Of The Year

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Balkans Arcane Bindings 2015 Esoteric Book of the Year img2Esoteric book reviewer, Boris Balkan, of Balkan’s Arcane Bindings has released his 2015 Esoteric Book of the Year winner.

The “Golden Talisman Award” goes to The Society of Esoteric Endeavour’s, Book of Magic. It’s a three piece edition consisting of facsimile of the original manuscript, transcript of the facsimile and a talismanic folder, which houses reproductions of the original talismans specified in the book.

The book was penned by Herbert Irwin, son of Major F.G. Irwin who was Chief Adept in the pre-Golden Dawn, “Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia”.

The book treats to a number of different themes, including:

  • Skrying using a magical mirror
  • Contact with hidden adepts
  • The hidden sun
  • Non-Euclidian geometry
  • Drugs and herbs

Balkans Arcane Bindings 2015 Esoteric Book of the Year img1Including a large body of work on the technique of ceremonial magic.

Book of Magic is an incredible work, the design and execution is so superb the book even includes it’s own inbuilt black convex skrying mirror! A very worthy winner of Balkan’s prestigious award.

Check out the review here:

Check out “Book of Magic” here:

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