Liam Luxiphore’s 2016 Astrological Predictions

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Liam Luxiphore's 2016 Astrological Predictions img1Liam Luxiphore is an accomplished Astrologer, Tarot reader and well rounded occultist. He has recently published astrological predictions for 2016, including a separate set of financial predictions which both make for very interesting reading.

Liam points out that there are a number of very challenging forces which will come to bear influence on the world this year, as indicated by a raft of specific chart dynamics.

Mr Luxiphore was kind enough to offer his time to delve a little deeper into his predictions…


Hi Liam, firstly can you tell us a bit about your background, what first brought you into the study of Astrology and Tarot?

Hello Astrid! Its such an honor to be interviewed by you! To start; As a boy I always felt a very deep connection to nature and I was something of an amateur astronomer. I would spend endless nights using my telescope to gaze at the moon and whichever visible planets where in the night sky. At that time I was unusually obsessed with the planets and ancient Egypt. Later when I was in high school I learned that the ancient astronomers where astrologers as well. I was fascinated to learn that the ancient astronomers tracked the planets and the stars to facilitate their predictions. This naturally sparked my interest in astrology. So, I went to the local bookstore with my mom and she purchased my first book on astrology. You see, around this time (I was in my late teens) my parents divorced and I sort of distracted myself by studying Astrology, Philosophy and Religion. So Occult Study became my anti-depressant of sorts.

I remember during my childhood that I had the most intense feelings of de ja vu – so during my youth I had this unique yet budding awareness of spirituality. My family owned a funeral home so death was something that was always commonplace to me – in a way it flavored my view of spirituality in that I always sought to know what happened to the soul after death. I come from a Cuban family that practiced catholicism and I remember that at an early age I just felt that all of that Christian dogma was just complete BS. Being a very inquisitive youth I sought more answers to understand this religion of Catholicism which was forced upon me. To find the answers or just more answers – at least in my opinion – I began to study things such as the Christian Apocrypha and Jewish Pseudepigrapha. But this was something of a mistake on my part because by studying these “alternate” works I began to find even more holes in the Catholic and Christian Canon of sorts – so I abandoned Christianity. The interesting thing is that I never considered myself atheistic or agnostic because I knew there was something more.


I believe you’ve counseled clients internationally with you expertise in Traditional Western Astrology and Tarot, do you mind telling us a bit about how that came about?

At some point just after the turn of the century (millenium) I discovered Christopher Warnock’s website Renaissance Astrology. I had studied astrology for 8 years at this point but I had begun studying many of the fundamental texts of Traditional Astrology that had just begun to be printed in english being translated from arabic and latin. Up to this point all we traditional astrologers really had were the works of William Lilly perhaps Culpepper and some more Archaic works such as Tetrabiblos, Firmicus Maternus, etc. As far as teachers you had Robert Hand and Robert Zoller, but to study with them cost money that I didnt have at the time. But I believe that Zoller was the first to write a work on the Arabic Parts. Later, the complete translation of works by arab astrologers such as Al-Biruni and Abu Mashar. Then Warnock’s associate Dr. Benjamin Dykes published a new and complete translation of Guido Bonatti’s “Book of Astronomy.” This was essentially the holy grail for astrologers. I read that work for years and still have the volumes near my bed, lol. It really is that profound!

I had seen, at some point, that Christopher Warnock was creating a Society of Astrologers who had to prove themselves by submiting two chart delineations citing classical texts – we had to submit a natal and horary chart and footnote it with citations from published texts -like a university paper. He and a few other well known astrologers essentially graded the chart and I was accepted into the society. My listing on the societies directory indicating a concentration in mundane and electional astrology caused me to get many clients from around the globe who sought these sorts of niche consultations. I had clients in the US, Europe, Latin America, Austalia and oddly a few in Pakistan for some reason.

What’s the difference between traditional astrology and modern astrology?

For the casual reader: What sets a Traditional Astrologer apart from a modern astrologer is that we concentrate on the visible planets – those being the ones anyone could see with the naked eye on any given night – the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The planets, the houses and the entire chart are viewed as living spiritual entities. For instance, the moon ALWAYS signifies the mother or women and the aspects to it and the sign in which it is placed show the quality or basically what is going on with regard to the what the moon represents in the reading. Modern astrologers would usually view the moon as indicating any number of subconscious processes perhaps stemming from past lives – and many times this is valid – but in works of divination the moon has in personification as stated. But, the spirituality of traditional astrology allows us to understand how we can appeal to or even appease the energies of the planets as written in the many works of Astrological Magick – my favorite being the Ghayat al Hakim or Picatrix.

But regarding a traditional interpretation of a chart, the houses are treated differently than in modern astrology. Getting back to the theme of the moon and the mother the fourth house corresponds to the mother and the family. So like a modern astrologer we would describe the quality of the 4th house based on the planets within the fourth house but most importantly we look to the ruler of the house and see in what house it falls and the aspects of the other planets to it to ascertain its “quality.” So if a person has a Fourth House in Leo – in general we could state that the mother or the family unit in general was of a leonine quality. Perhaps the mother was in some leadership position career wise – or she was the dominant parent – that sort of thing. If we find the “placement” of the ruler of the sign of the 4th house which is the sun (the Sun is the ruler of Leo as Mars is the ruler of Aries, etc.) placed in the tenth house of public recognition and career we could state unequivocally that the mother was career oriented or conversely if it were placed in the twelfth house of Sorrow we could safely intuit that there was some aspect of Piscean darkness which colored the mother or family – tragedy, drugs, illness etc. So there is a lot that the ruler of the house tells us. House rulerships have – for the most part – been overlooked by modern astrologers.These techniques are still used in vedic astrology, but the medieval arab astrologers were perhaps the most advanced astrologers.


Now onto your predictions, you mention that the 2016 chart is the worst chart you have seen to date! Predominantly, due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. Could you explain what a conjunction is and why this particular conjunction is considered as unfortunate?

Okay, there is a Mars/Saturn Conjunction every two years in a particular sign. Mars and Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius is not itself “bad.” It is their placement in the first house together with all of the other chart placements and dynamics which makes this chart stand out. Planets always aspect each other in some fashion – or just not at all. That means that they have a geometrical relationship to each other or they don’t. This is where you hear that a planet is in aspect or is not in aspect. A conjunction means that they are together in the sky sitting right next to each other – so this would represent an aspect of zero degrees as there is no separation between the planets. There are other aspects such as Sextiles (60 Degrees), trine (120 Degrees) and the square (90 degrees) and Opposition (180 degrees). Sextiles and Trines are viewed as “Harmonious,” and squares and oppositions can be viewed as “In harmonious” or “Difficult.” Mars is viewed as the planet of action and conflict. It can be rash and precipitate. Its a hot planet filled with an overabundance of masculine energy. Like a boy showing off that he likes to fight. Saturn however is cold and masculine. He slowly watches and exerts his influence. He is Father time. Cronus. He is the Hermit who is an elevated master or The old pervert in the playground. Saturn is a planet of foundations, responsibility and burdens. Where Mars can be characterized by the warmth of spring, Saturn is the dark cold of winter. Mars is acute where Saturn is chronic. When the energies of the two are combined the theme for that time is usually conflict and oppression.

Liam Luxiphore's 2016 Astrological Predictions

How long will this conjunction of Mars and Saturn wield it’s influence before dissipating?

The effect will last for the entire astrological year which begins with the Spring equinox of 2016. It will reach its peak on 25 August 2016. Basically these two planets are moving close together on the spring equinox and by 25 August there is no separation between them. The Last Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius was in January of 1988. Saturn had entered Sagittarius on November of1985. The infamous “Black Monday” Stock Market Crash of 19 October 1987 occurred just as Mars was coming into conjunction with Saturn. On November 8th of 1987 you also had the Enniskillen bombing. On December 8th was the start of the first Israeli-Palestinian Intifada. On 20 December was the sea accident of the Dona Paz which killed 4,000 people in the Phillipines. On January 2 1988, the day closest to the conjunction the Soviet Union began the economic policy of Perstroika.

The time that Saturn was in Sagittarius demonstrated an increase in Soviet paranoia and militarism including via the Warsaw pact. This was effectively the prelude to the collapse of eastern europe and the Soviet Union by 1989 when Saturn and Mars had entered the sign of Capricorn. The Mars Saturn Conjunction prior to this date would have been in January 1958. This was the height of the Cuban Revolution, Russia had launched Sputnik, and Egypt and Syria had created a United Arab Republic. Prior to this the Conjunction occurred during December of 1927, and so on. 1927 included the start of the prohibition, the treaty of Jeddah recognized the future kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq gained independence from England, Lindberg made his transatlantic flight, The excecution of Sacco and Vanzetti , etc. I will note that the Mars/Saturn Conjunctions in Cancer and Capricorn seem to be the most powerful. The next Conjunction in Capricorn will occur during April 2018. The Soviet Union collapsed during the last conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn.


You’ve also published a blog of specific financial predictions. Market theory asserts that all financial markets are cyclical, what point of the cycle do you think we are entering, for the global economy, in 2016?

I too would agree that markets are cyclical as nature herself is. This is an example of the concept of the micro and macro cosmic processess at play in the world. The point that I might not make clear is that empires have been cyclical. When we study history we find that there is a particular culture that predominates and then it fades away. Just to name a few the Greeks, Romans, Spanish and British all had empires which are no more. I feel that this chart shows the beginning of the end for the American Empire. Not because I am motivated by some political motivations to write that – but because that is what the stars are saying when you read that chart. It is not the role of the astrologer or the occultist to choose sides when presenting a prediction – because we (not to sound like a christian preacher) – quite rightly report to a higher power. My point is that to deliberately give a false interpretation results in bad karma.

When we examine the chart and then look at the news or perhaps drive through town we see that mankind is essentially destroying itself through any number of means. However, this chart is focused on the USA. Because of the USA’s leadership role and economic and military influence throughout the world this chart would naturally have repercussions around the world. I just read the other day that an economist at Davos noted that the theory of Keynesian Economics may no longer be applicable. But this is entirely my point and – dare I say – my fear. This theory stems from the dynamics of a country’s economy during a time of war – that huge deficits don’t really seem to matter much. But I have always argued that they must matter – especially in a globalized world – you just cant spend forever – unless of course you start another war – which was Keynes’ point. I think that the US was able to prosper because of Cold War – yet there was in fact no war – it was just the driving factor. All of this military industrial economic machine fueling the economy. The Soviet Union fell as a result of this outlandish spending. But how come America never did? Or was it just delayed? So I think that there are a bunch of wealthy people who are like- this whole thing in Syria with Russia – could be good for their pockets. It is lunacy really. Perhaps the world would be better off if the children of the wealthy waged the wars that benefit the wealthy – but as we well know it is the poor who fight wars for the wealthy as has been proven in so many modern wars.


I understand the occult is represented by Saturn, how does the conjunction with Mars in the sign of Sagittarius bode for occultism generally, and more specifically for individual occult practice and study? Is this the year to pack away the books and dust off the Xbox?

Books, buy more books! And by all means cast your circle! There are many who view Saturn as being associated with the occult. If memory served me right, I think this is because of Cornelius Agrippa’s association of Lord Azazel (‘Zazel) as the Spirit of Saturn, and all of the mythos behind Lord Azazel and the things he taught early man. I have aways viewed Azazel as Prometheus who acted to aid mankind. It was Prometheus who warned Deucalion about the flood and how he could save himself. By the way, this really pissed off Zeus.

So, when conspiracy theorists start talking about “Luciferian Conspiracies,” I can’t help but laugh – In more than two thousand years of Christianity as the predominant religion in the west it has brought nothing but misery to the world. But Christianity really isn’t about Christ so much as it was about Paul – and I think that is where it went wrong. I think that the Templars dicovered this and we see what happened to them.

Back to the point, Astrologically the ninth house rules organized religion where as the third house rules I guess “unorganised” religion wherein occultism, paganism, wicca etc can fit in. The third house being under the sign of Gemini in ruled by mercury and this fits in well with the most obvious representation of occultism in the the Tarot as the Magician Card. He is viewed as a mercurial figure, both male and female inside of his cast circle with the four elements and ritual tools at his disposal.

I for one have seen a rise in students of paganism and the occult. I think that through the works of people like Michael W. Ford there has been a huge rise in devotees of Luciferianism. I think there are some great publishers of occult work such as Ixaxaar, Primal Craft, and Scarlet Imprint. Being of Cuban descent – its impressive to see the number of non-cubans who have begun to practice Afro-Cuban faiths such as “Santeria” and Palo Mayombe. I even have friends who are students and practitioners of the Goetia – though I cant stress enough that one mustn’t treat spirits with the disrespect shown in the Grimoires!

I think that the growth of occultism will continue. Sagittarius rules things such as organised religion and philosophy. Sagitarius is ruled by Jupiter as is Pisces (the fishes) the Sign of Christianity. I think that many non-pagans are beginning to question their beliefs, and where their faith is taking them and the world – spoken or unspoken, its a crisis of sorts. It has been my observation that many people seem to practice or study occultism in its various aspects in private, and I think that this will continue to grow. I think that people are tired of the whole concept of my God tells me its okay to wage war and all of that nonsense that goes along with that. I think that there has been an absolute renaissance with regard to pagan thought, and there are some very excellent writers out there to prove it. In the end I think everyone would be happier if they find a path that suits them – we are all so diverse really, and the occult offers so many avenues for one to pursue from wicca to tantric buddhism. From Astrology to geomancy. It really sets the mind free.


For readers who may be interested in pursuing the study of Astrology, do you have any tips or advice for how to get started learning Astrology? Are there any particular courses or books you would recommend?

I think the single best book to study is “Llewellyn’s New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Interpreter: A Comprehensive Self-Study Course, but don’t worry about casting your charts by had. You can use a free website like From here I would Study the works of William Lilly (on Horary charts and Nativities). Once one absorbs and studies, not just reads these books, then they can move on to more advanced topics as listed by the arabic scholars and Guido Bonatti.


Are you currently available for consultations?

But, of course! Yes. I offer Natal, Electional, Mundane and Horary consultations as well as tarot consultations, via email or over the phone. Just to clarify a Natal interpretation speaks of the energies you were born with and where you are headed. Mundane is about would events, this would include financial astrology as I write about in the beginning of the predictions for 2016. Horary is similar to a Tarot consultation except that I cast a chart at the moment that you ask me the question – usually the time that I receive your email. Electional astrology is choosing the appropriate time to get married, or start business, or file a law suit. But I will say that my passion is teaching astrology and tarot, and I feel that it is more valuable to be taught to read a chart or throw the cards correctly than have someone do it for you – So I am available to teach as well!


How might those wishing for a personalized consultation contact you?

Simply send me an email at


Liam, Thanks so much for your time, it has been truly illuminating!

Thank You Astrid and may your Astrological New Year be filled with much Health, Happiness, Love, and Prosperity

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