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Featured Artist Orlee Andromedae img7Orlee Andromedae, professional artist and occultist, joins us in this interview to share her thoughts on the artistic process as it relates to spiritual enlightenment.

Orlee is a widely exhibited artist with a particular talent for creating commissioned works which embody energies of particular entities.

Through the use of magical technique, meditation and astral vision, Orlee permeates her works with the essence and qualities of beings and realms of other spiritual realities. Initiated into the Typhonian mysteries, a practicing Thelemite and ceremonial magician, Orlee’s works act as veritable gateways to spiritual realms and access points for particular energies.

“Mother of Abominations” is available to interested occultist’s looking for privately commissioned works.

“I try to create paintings that can be interpreted by the viewer’s higher self to bring forth enlightenment through conquering fear to a place of joy”.


Hi Orlee, firstly can you tell us a bit about your spiritual path, are there any particular occult philosophies or systems you identify with and what drew you toward this path/s?

When i was i child, i had paranormal experiences with entities that i thought were ghosts and aliens. They would appear in my bedroom before i fell asleep or when i was home alone and it terrified me. Growing up in a conservative Jewish home did not help me to understand what was happening. I spent my teenage years researching aliens to try and find answers and found Aleister Crowley. Learning ritual magick to protect myself and assert control over the entities i would see became very appealing. I was brought to an O.T.O. event when i was 18 and quickly learned that Thelema was the system of spiritual empowerment that i was looking for. I began to work with invoking Godforms like Ma’at and Hecate and learning rituals from the Golden Dawn. Over the next three years i was privately initiated in Typhonian mysteries that made me realize that reality can be stranger than anything we could presume. It was a very difficult period that climaxed when my life was in danger from spirits that had possessed my partner at the time. I was told they wanted to kill me to prevent the apocalypse. It was then that i began to instinctively teach myself exorcism as a means of survival. A few years later i learned about The Lesser Key of Solomon and found myself drawn to the Ars Goetia because the idea of dominating demons seemed like the next logical step in my experiments. Another system that i enjoy working with is Enochian magic because it has been speculated that system is connected to the apocalypse, a great revealing that i work on transmitting through my artwork.

What particular occult artists do you admire or influence your work?

One of my favourite artists is Hieronymus Bosch. i have often wondered what visions he shared in his works that were destroyed by the church when the ones they allowed to remain were so bizarre. I also love the art and film work of Cameron. Her work with Kenneth Anger combined with my admiration of the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky inspired me to create psychomagic videos of my own. The brilliant illustrative works of Aubrey Beardsley are also dear to me. Some living artists that i enjoy are Jel Ena, her work is rich in colour and beautifully rendered from the divine http://www.jel-ena.com, who does excellent work combining themes of the occult and aliens. I also am greatly influenced by Solve et Coagula http://solve-et-coagula.us my husband and muse who creates magick graphic diagrams that teach the occult sciences.

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Could you tell us about your title “Mother of Abominations”, how you came by the term and what it means to you?

I want to create work that realizes the beauty of the disturbing, giving birth to abominations that cause revelation. The artwork i create comes from death and the places we are afraid to look. Through my journey as an artist i have had to stay true to my will of creating things that many people do not want to think about. I found the archetype Babalon, from reading Liber 418 and i was able to identify with her. I studied her appearance in Revelation as the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth and in 2012 after my own personal end of the world, i had the sigil of Babalon tattooed on my heart chakra. It was the beginning of strengthening myself through spiritual armor that i have been building through art on my body. I started using the term Mother of Abominations after Solve et Coagula created a series of graphics that equated my name which is already Hebrew to MLKH BABALON using the Gematria and i decided to embrace the dark womb of my creations with an appropriate name.


Can you tell us a bit about your particular philosophy or approach to art?

Making things that are new is the most important aspect of being an artist to me. Artwork has such an incredible power to communicate messages and i aim to spread images of the unknown as we explore beyond ordinary reality. I try to create paintings that can be interpreted by the viewer’s higher self to bring forth enlightenment through conquering fear to a place of joy.


Can you give us a bit of background about your artistic process, how do you initiate the process of conceptualizing your works?

I usually do not plan ahead in my paintings unless i am working on one for a client with a specific intent. Daily ritual practice has helped me to strengthen my visualization abilities in regards to seeing astral realms and i will stare at a canvas or paper and wait until the scene begins to appear. I will then slowly pull out figures from the void and as i paint, it will become clearer until the message is fully realized.

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What are your thoughts on art as a form of spiritual awakening on the left hand path?

Artwork is vital in spirituality because it is us harnessing the power of creation. Art is a wonderful way to get in touch with the divine by making ourselves the designers of our own worlds. Being able to visualize the darkness helps those who are brave to learn through facing the unknown.


Many of your works feature particular beings, are these works a conscious attempt at connection with particular energies?

Absolutely, i often paint nude females that represent the dark feminine mysteries. A main theme in my work tends to be an attempt at remembering what i saw in the underworld during a near death experience. I am currently working on a commission of the four archangels and have been channeling their elemental energies into paintings. I also often paint thin bald figures that resemble the entities i saw when i was a child.


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Could you tell us about any experiences you may have had after connecting to particular energies through your art?

The paintings i create are spiritual icons or talismans in nature. They all have an energy you can feel. i had a painting of HCOMA, an Enochian angel hung in my temple room and found one white and one grey feather on the floor beneath it.


You are a former member artist of the Canadian Society for Art of Imagination. Could you explain what it is they do and what your experience with the organization was?

The Canadian Society for Art of Imagination organizes exhibits with Canadian visionary artists and international members. I had the deep honor of exhibiting my painting along with H. R. Giger’s work shortly after his death at an exhibit called “Art for Peace” in Toronto. It was one of the greatest and most surreal experiences in my life and has motivated me to keep working on my true will of sharing my visions.


Do you have any advice for aspiring artists who might be looking to deepen their connection to the spirit realm?

Practice is important. Working on ritual magick is another type of art form that does not come easily or work as well as one might wish at first. As with painting, each piece improves with technical skills that are learned, the same with psychic visionary abilities. Artists are already witches, be willing to see beyond what you feel safe seeing until you can see further.


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What’s your dream occult art project, something that you may have envisioned but have not yet gotten around to materializing?

I have contemplated painting an entire Mother of Abominations tarot deck as the tarot was my first introduction to magick. I have painted a few of the Major Arcana and learned so much from the experience. I also think that it would be hella cool to get all the metal seals and evoke all 72 demons from The Goetia and paint each of them based on my scrying experiences or to evoke and illustrate another grimoire that has yet to be done.


Could you tell us a bit about your private commission work, what type of works you specialize in how readers might contact you for custom works?

I love working with magicians who want my help in manifesting their visions. Sometimes clients will request particular entities that i will evoke into the painting for them or i can work by meditating upon a theme. The best way to reach me is through the contact email on my website www.motherofabominations.com

Love is the law, love under will.

Thanks so much for your time Orlee, speaking with you has been truly illuminating.

Check it out here: http://motherofabominations.com/

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