Rudolf Steiner’s 6 Basic Exercises

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This presentation from Brian Gray, Program Director of Anthroposophical Studies at Rudolf Steiner College, explains Rudolf Steiner’s 6 basic exercises from his classic treatise, “How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation”.

The exercises develop and purify the soul qualities of Thinking, Feeling and Willing.

In this short lecture Mr Gray explains what the exercises are, how to perform them and what each of the exercises are designed to achieve.

The exercises consist of:

  • Control of thinking
  • Control of will
  • Control of expression of feeling
  • Positivity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Harmonizing of all practices

The performance of these six basic exercises completes the forming of the heart chakra and are advocated by Rudolf Steiner as essential to the path of initiation.

Those familiar with the various practices given by Aleister Crowley in “Magick in Theory and Practice, will no doubt see the correlation to the practices given there also.

For a fuller explanation of Rudolf Steiner’s 6 basic exercises and a much deeper insight into the benefits, see “How to Know Higher Worlds”. The book is considered to be a masterpiece of esoteric instruction and should definitely be in your library!

Tom van Gelder has extracted the exercises from the text to provide a useful and concise guide, which you can download here:

Check it out here:

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