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This Kickstarter project is way too interesting to pass up.

It’s a book entitled “Serpent on the Cross”, by Hereward Tilton. The book will be divided into two elements, the first of which presents an accurate historical account of the legendary Order of the Rose Cross, putting forth an account of the lives and teachings of the traditions greatest exponents. This will include answers to questions, such as:

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  • What does an Angel look like?
  • What languages do Angels use?
  • How to safely summon an Angel and assume it’s nature
  • How are Demons mastered
  • How to create and use a talisman
  • The summoning of spirits at sacred sites
  • What is the philosophers stone?
  • How you can contact the Order of the Rose Cross

Section two of the book will describe the authors self experimentation with the angelifying, “Metatronic Magic”, practiced by the seven elders of the Mystical Order of the Golden Rose Cross of Jesus Christ, a secret society linked to seventeenth-century Amsterdam.

You will receive an Ebook version of the book for only a $10 donation. As with all Kickstarters, there are a number of different rewards offered depending on your level of assistance. You can find these listed on the site, however I encourage you to take a look at the specially constructed Rosicrucian Magic Mirror, the origins and usage of this particular design will be explained in the book.

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Hereward Tilton has considerable academic qualifications and is well placed to provide an expansive treatment of this fascinating content. You can check out his bio at the bottom of the Kickstarter page. Please consider supporting his Kickstarter project and perhaps we can encourage other worthy occult related projects into production. I’ve committed!

Check out the full details here:



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