The Influence Of H P Lovecraft On Occultism

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The Influence of H P Lovecraft on Occultism img1In this article for the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Stories, “The Influence of H P Lovecraft On Occultism“, author K. R. Boulton does a remarkable job of explaining the relevance of the Cthulhu mythos to the left hand path of modern occultism.

Boulton spends considerable space establishing the background to western magical tradition and technique. Outlining the relevance of a suitable symbol set sufficiently capable of exciting the imagination as a requisite for the foundation of a functional magical system before delving in to examine the H. P. Lovecraft mythos specifically.

The article provides fascinating detail on the involvement of Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley, Michael Bertiaux and Michael Aquino, among others, as proponents who recognised the significance of the current being channeled by Lovecraft.

You’ll also find detailed information on the book of the Necronomicon. Including Kenneth Grant’s intimations that the book was in fact a work of object reality existing in the Akashic Records of which both Crowely and Lovecraft were inadvertently drawing inspiration from.

The remainder of the article examines the integration of the Cthuhlu mythos into the sinister tradition of the left hand path. Providing the reader with an objective analysis of the various viewpoints concerning the return of the “Great Old Ones”. While highlighting the various extant manifestations of the “Cult of Cthulhu”.

This is by far the best article I have read concerning the Cthulhu mythos and it’s synthesis into the mysteries of the left hand path. I would consider this essential reading for those with questions about the Cthulhu mythos or H P Lovecraft and their relevance to occultism.

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The Influence of H P Lovecraft on Occultism

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