The Real Story On The Chakras

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Christopher WallisThe Real Story on the Chakras, also known as “Hareesh” has published a very insightful article on Chakras, entitled “The Real Story on Chakras“.

Hareesh, an accomplished Sanskrit scholar, goes back to the original Sanskrit texts to provide us with a host of information that shatters many commonly accepted beliefs about the chakra systems and their intended usage.

Throughout the article he points out that most of what passes today as authentic traditional teachings on the chakras has almost no basis in the original Sanskrit teachings.

“The energy body is an extraordinarily fluid reality, as we should expect of anything nonphysical and supersensuous. The energy body can present, experientially speaking, with any number of energy centers, depending on the person and the yogic practice they’re performing”.

One of his assertions is that the number of chakras is relevant only to the particular practice for which the student is currently working with. He further elaborates that the main purpose of any chakra system was to function as a template for “Nyasa”, which is the installation of mystical sounds into the chakra centres, through a process of visualization and mantra, thus designed to bring about spiritual liberation or worldly benefits through magical means.

Hareesh also clarifies the accepted understanding that specific chakras have fixed elemental attributions by demonstrating the instruction of the original texts is to allow for elemental forces to be inducted into any of the chakras based upon need and intention of desired result.

The article also provides an interesting look at the history behind the seven-chakra system of western yogis.

Christopher Wallis is the founder and head faculty of the Mattamayura Institute. He holds a host of qualifications, including classical Indian religion and an M.A. in Sanskrit. A quick read through his credentials will reveal he is eminently qualified to speak with authority on this topic.

If, like most, you’ve obtained your understanding of chakras from western texts, you’ll find this a pretty mind blowing read!

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