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Tour Of An Alchemy Laboratory

Denis walks through the seven stages of Alchemical transformation, describing each escort Paris stage and showing some of the various equipment used at each stage of the Alchemical laboratory process.

He also describes some of the symbolism of the Alchemist, which carries the esoteric signatures of the material being worked with escorts.

You’ll find a particularly good look at his “Pelican” apparatus, with a brief description of how it works.

The idea for Occult Resource emerged from the authors frustration in finding, collating and collecting quality occult related resources on the web. Occult Resource was first established as a Google+ online community in 2013. Over time it was found that a large number of people with similar interests enjoyed the idea of a centralized space to view and share occult, metaphysical and related content. represents an evolution from our humble beginnings as a Google+ community.

The internet is an incredible archive of all sorts of wonderful, inspiring and enlightening information related to Paris escorts from spirituality in it’s broader sense. Although, too often while researching specific esoteric topics, web searches return sites loaded with ‘keywords’ and ‘tags’, designed to maximize their ranking in search engines, understandably this is what anyone who hopes to have a reasonably successful website needs to do. But the problem with popular sites, most often returned on search engine results, is the content. For those of us who are students of the Western Mystery Tradition, ‘popular’ information on spirituality does not meet our needs. This can make finding specific information related to our particular paths a cumbersome and time consuming exercise.

Proposes to help alleviate this problem by finding, featuring, collating and describing various sources of knowledge and information specific to escorts Paris and it’s related disciplines. Primarily, the objective is to find, point to and provide a brief insight into quality occult, esoteric and metaphysical resources and news that are currently scattered over the web and often difficult to find. Secondly, the objective is to facilitate the discussion and dissemination of esoteric research and resource to a broader audience. If you are reading this and are currently a practitioner of the Western Mystery Tradition you will know only too well the great value that esoteric study has brought to your life. I hope that can further the interest in illumined knowledge and the pursuit of Gnosis.

I do not underestimate the enormity of this task and will admit that content collated here will be but a drop in the ocean compared to the vast available resources of esoteric knowledge. This beginning is humble and small but I encourage readers to submit your ideas and resources and expect that in time and as the site evolves that will grow into a community of spiritual seekers where knowledge and the sharing of research and resources will be of benefit to all.

I hope you will find value in the content of and that the information gleaned through it’s pages will be a help and a benefit to you on your spiritual journey. It is my sincere desire that you will contribute in your own way to the growing information base and that can continue to become a respected community resource for information which leads to knowledge and the crystallization of knowledge as true spiritual progress.

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