The article serves as an introduction to Cayce’s psychic abilities, chronicling some of the major events of his life. From Cayce’s beginnings, diagnosing medical problems and prescribing alternative therapies, through to his trance explorations of various esoteric philosophies. With fascinating comment on his ability to read the Akashic records and a few incredible stories of successful medical diagnosis.

You’ll also find enlightening commentary regarding Cayce’s own reflection on how he came to possess his extraordinary abilities. A fascinating article on an extraordinary man. This is one of those articles you’ll read all the way through and be left with a want to delve deeper into the Edgar Cayce story. The essay begins with a historical account of John Dee’s early years, providing in detail the intellectual accomplishments of Dee before describing the arrival of Edward Kelley and providing a considerable discourse on Kelly’s character with analysis of the popular theory of Kelly as charlatan.

There’s a continued description of the main events throughout the characters lives along with an exceptional analysis of why the Enochian language may have been transmitted in such a complex and painstaking manner. The article concludes with a unique view on how the infamous wife swapping affair may have been the natural result of a deeper awakening of the alchemical work of which their lives had become an expression of. I find this to be another outstanding P.T Mistlberger article which provides a wonderfully accurate historical account of the lives of John Dee and Edward Kelly, coupled with unique analysis which offers a fascinating new perspective into the lives of these renaissance legends.

In particular, the article references the purpose and methodology of Chaos rituals with considerable comment on how belief is utilised by the chaos magician as a tool for ritual working. You’ll also find enlightening commentary penetrating the philosophical context of belief as reality.

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